Arrangement notes for Alasdair/Natalie 2011 Set

Revision A

Revision A adds several changes from our March 2011 session.

Shingly Beach

Start off with violin solo of  first A part by Vienna accompanied by piano, bowed bass and light guitar.

Everyone in on the second A and then BB  melody only. 

Second time thru AA and BB with  five people playing the second part (Marcia, Christina, Sami, Niki and Donna).

Finish with last B part with Vienna solo and accompaniment.

Snug in the Blanket

Start off first A SLOW.

Two bars Luke, two bars Sami, two bars Luke, two bars Sami.

Repeat with bowed bass.

Everyone in on the B up to speed. Play BB.

Repeat AABB

John McAlpin

Everyone straight into the strathspey. Play A and B

Second time thru, piano drops out. Fiddle and bass play second part AB.

Third time thru start A part VERY quiet with pedal point piano and bass four pulses per bar and  crescendo thru A part.

Release pedal at beginning of B. Play B part VERY loud

Decrescendo on last  extended tonic…..

The Mortgage Burn

Twice thru with repeats slow and slinky.

Drunken Piper

First time:  Pick up the pace from Mortgage

Lively bass.    Play AABB

Second time: Variation

First A: One bar everyone: One bar BASS response: repeat for the eight bars

Second A One bar everyone: One bar  PIANO response: repeat for the eight bars.

B part:  Descant. Five fiddle volunteers play descant. The rest play the tune.

Wee Man From Skye

Luke plays “Wee Man from Skye” AABB with  all fiddles drawing bass QUIETLY. Bass in, piano out.

( This is the same bass line as for “Sleep Soond.”) 

Repeat with fiddles playing “Wee Man from Skye” AABB. Piano back in

Drunken Piper

Play once thru AABB loud and with energy

End with “Shave and a haircut.”

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