How To Sign Up







It’s simple to sign up this year!  Enjoy the “short form”!

Prices:  This year we’ll offer 3 ticket prices, to meet the varying financial needs of folks at this time.  The ticket price includes all family members attending the workshop. What a deal!! No need to figure out meals, lodgings, and no deposit! No linens to rent!  Woohoo!

$125 – Standard ticket price  – This includes the entire workshop, sessions, special interviews, and the concert, for you and any family members.

$150 – Donor plus ticket –  All the same features mentioned in the standard ticket price, but you include a $25 donation to NWSF to help us provide the workshop to those in need and unable to pay for a ticket. Thank you!

$100- Scholarship ticket – this is for individuals unable to afford the standard price, for any reason. All of the same features as the standard ticket! No application needed.

Concert ticket– included in the price of the tickets above. This concert will be for workshop participants only!

Please, if you struggle paying for a ticket, write to Marcia Thumma.

***BEFORE you sign up, you also should know about what will give you the best Zoom experience!   You need to have:

  1.  a computer (desk top or lap top)not a phone,
  2.  reliable internet with Ethernet connection,
  3.  upload the latest version of Zoom. (Zoom download center.) More info on the last item once you’re signed up