Warm Beach Lodging Options

Your very first consideration in planning your stay during the workshop might be “Who could I ‘pod’ with?” This can help you lower your costs for the weekend, but there’s also other considerations. Who could you stay with that has the similar concerns regarding Covid protocols? Or maybe you want to find someone that wants about the same amount of sleep/peace and quiet as you do?  Maybe you want to room with someone else that has children about the same age as yours?

Once you know who and how many people you’ll be rooming with, start looking for lodging. ***Don’t know who to room with, but need a certain price range? Sign up for that price range and we’ll find room mates for you!

Children prices are the same regardless of where they stay, and apply to all children ages K – 12th grade.

Bringing someone along that’s not a workshop participant? Scroll to the bottom of the page!

For photos of all of our facilities, including the lodging click here.

All prices quoted below are for workshop, lodging, and meals and your concert ticket. Linens may be extra depending upon where you’re staying, or bring your own!

Mt. Baker Cabins

One bathroom per room for up to six people to share.  Adjoining doors between rooms such as the one below give you the option of making two rooms into a giant suite for 12 people- (Mt. Baker only)!

Remember you can rent linens if you need to. Do it in advance! (Linens provided for the queen bed.)

THREE occupants:

  • Two adults + 1 child: $420 + $420 + $305
  • One adult + two children: $420 + $305 + $305

FOUR to SIX occupants:  To calculate your total fees, use $395 for each adult charges and $305 for each child if in the same room.

Olympic Lodge: For singles, doubles or triples- with private bathroom

If only they had room service! All linens provided.

Single occupancy, the “King George”, is for one and only one person is staying in Olympic Lodge. That’s $590 for the entire weekend:  workshop, lodging, meals, linens, and a private bathroom. However!  TWO adults, both attending the workshop, in Olympic Lodge would be at the “Bonnie Prince Charles” rate of $470 each.

There’s other lodging combinations for up to three people to a room for Olympic Lodge as follows:

  • One adult + one child: $470 + $305
  • Two adults + one child: $470 +$470 + $305
  • One adult + two children: $470 + $305 +$305

Lodging and Food Only pricing (not attending workshop):

  • Children: $170
  • Adult in Mt. Baker with group of 4 -6 total people/room: $250
  • Adult in Mt. Baker with 3 people/room: $275
  • Adult in Olympic village with one or two others: $330
  • No single rooms will be available for a single individual if they are not signed up for the workshop.

Workshop and concert ticket ONLY, no lodging, no meals. Includes a day pass as requested by Warm Beach.

Adults: $222

Youth: 10 years and older: $222,  concert ticket included

Age 9 and under- cost of a day pass -$32 only. If you want a concert ticket, you will need to buy the ticket for $18 when you register.