Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas Workshop

If you’ve come to this website, looking for information on our January Alasdair and Natalie workshop, you’re at the right place!

Sadly, we will not be hosting the workshop this coming January. There is no replacement at this time.  Perhaps in future years, the workshop will reappear, but at a different time, and different location, under different management.  We will seriously miss everyone, and everything about the WOW workshop, and hope that it will make a comeback.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a workshop, in the PNW, in January or February, check out the Celtic Arts Foundation’s Winter School, located at Seabeck, WA!  It’s a workshop for bagpipe players as well as fiddlers.  Length of the workshop is up to you!  Click on the link for a few details. More information will surface in the next month or so.

Meanwhile, we’re having sessions once a month, with a brief break this summer. Check out our calendar page for more information.  Also, there’s plans to have a “Workshops and more” page on our website… coming soon.

May and June Session News

Here’s a peak a some of the folks on hand for the May session at Third Place Books.  We had 14 musicians, including a cellist and a piper. A great time was had by all, with lots of wonderful tunes.

Thanks to our good friend Doug Plummer for the shot below. Speaking of Doug Plummer, he’ll host our June session on June 9th!  We usually don’t have sessions in June, so this is a special opportunity.  

DETAILS on June 9th session:  2- 4:30 pm,  at 6203 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Bring a snack to share, BYOB etc.!  See you there soon.

May 19th Session at Third Place Books Commons

Come on down to the Commons at Third Place Books, Sunday, May 19th. That’s one week later than usual, as we make time for Mother’s Day on our usual day for gatherings and tunes.

The address is 17171 Bothell Way, #A101, Lake Forest Park, Bothell.

We’ll start at 12:30, but coming early is a great option because of the great food choices offered by the food court vendors in the Commons.  We will play until 2:30.

As the photo above states, we will not play tunes on the stage, but we’ll be close to the stage on the main floor.

All string instruments welcome, as well as other Celtic instruments. Scottish small pipes are encouraged as well, but the management has asked that their louder, bigger cousins, such as border pipes/Highland bagpipes stay home. Thank you for understanding.

Any questions, write to!



April Session travels to McMenamins!

A few years back: Tunes in the Thorndike room- about 16 present- including two guitarist, a great piano player, and bass player. Many new faces!

April 14th. 2 – 4:30 pm, in the Thorndike Room at the incredible Anderson School/ Mc Menamin’s.  18607 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011.

Hoping we’ll see old friends and make some new friends! Susan Burke, Brian Crisafulli, Susan Barkan, and Marcia Thumma, Doug Plummer and others will be there- please join us!

Please RSVP to if you plan to drop by. It will help us set up the room, etc.!


February Session This Weekend!

February’s session will be one week earlier than normal, as in, this weekend!

It’s all happening at Linda Bliss’s home, Sunday the 4th, at 2 pm.  Bring your instrument, as usual, but also feel free to bring a beverage of your choice, and any snacks you might want to share.  We’ll go until 4-4:30.

The address is: 21410 96th Ave., W, Edmonds.

We’re working on session dates and places for the new year.  If you’d like to host a session, write to

Hope to see you there!

Weather Update from Stanwood

Hi everyone!

I arrived in Stanwood a few hours ago– about 5 pm. I can promise you that there’s absolutely no snow whatsoever up here, the streets and sidewalks, and everything are clear. It’s very windy but the wind should die down by about 4 AM this morning.

Then they will have cold weather warnings out, as the temperatures should be dipping into the lower teens at night, possibly breaking records!

Please come prepared for this cold weather, bring extra anything that might keep you warm, whether it be when you’re walking outside or when you’re in your cabin or room at night! Safe travels to you all tomorrow❤️❤️