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2023-24 Calendar & Events

We are delighted and optimistic that we’ll be able to have sessions, as usual, starting fall of 2023 and going forward into 2024.  Please come try us out!

Sessions generally run from 2 -4:30 pm.

Contact Marcia Thumma at with questions.

2024 Events


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Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas Workshop

If you’ve come to this website, looking for information on our January Alasdair and Natalie workshop, you’re at the right place!

Sadly, we will not be hosting the workshop this coming January. There is no replacement at this time.  Perhaps in future years, the workshop will reappear, but at a different time, and different location, under different management.  We will seriously miss everyone, and everything about the WOW workshop, and hope that it will make a comeback.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a workshop, in the PNW, in January or February, check out the Celtic Arts Foundation’s Winter School, located at Seabeck, WA!  It’s a workshop for bagpipe players as well as fiddlers.  Length of the workshop is up to you!  Click on the link for a few details. More information will surface in the next month or so.

Meanwhile, we’re having sessions once a month, with a brief break this summer. Check out our calendar page for more information.  Also, there’s plans to have a “Workshops and more” page on our website… coming soon.

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