Concert Fundraiser for NW Scottish Fiddlers!

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas will celebrate their first award winning album, “Fire and Grace” for their concert/fundraiser for NW Scottish Fiddle club on March 20th! This is the fourth in a series of six concerts, in which the duo are revisiting and updating part of their 20 years of recording and performing together!

When you buy a ticket to their concert, you support not only Alasdair and Natalie, but also support the NW Scottish Fiddlers, as a portion of their proceeds will go to us as well!  Please be sure that you purchase your tickets through this link, in order to assure NWSF will receive your donation:

Ticket prices range from $5 to $50, so you can choose the price that best suits you! That’s hard to beat!

You have a 48-hour viewing period,  so if 7:30 PM (Pacific Coast time) doesn’t work at all, we’ve got you covered!  You still have time to catch it later! There’s instructions and a link provided by Mandolin for that very purpose.

This concert will offer truly outstanding video and audio quality all thanks to Mandolin, a relatively new concert platform.  You won’t believe your eyes- you’ll feel like your really right there, in the venue! Another reason to catch the show!

Post-concert, you will be invited to chat with Alasdair and Natalie via Zoom!

Once you get your ticket through the link above, you should return to the website and create an account if you haven’t done so.  WHY?  It’s simple to do, and it will allow you to log in before the show starts, and then just one simple click will make the show available!  And yes, you can opt out of marketing emails if you want to!  Doing this will allow you to log in ahead of time and put some comments in the chat, or request a tune.  You can only do it with an account!

You’ll get an electronic ticket from Mandolin. There is a help section if you need some assistance- at  You’ll see there’s one section devoted to “Box Office”. Click there.

See you at the post-concert Zoom event!

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