Irish Session with Susan Burke!

One year ago this month, we cancelled our first meeting, as Covid took us by surprise.  Even though we’re still not meeting in person, it’s a great pleasure to welcome back our long-time friend, Susan Burke, who’s taught at some of our monthly workshops, lead Cape Breton sessions and our annual January workshop’s “early bird session” on Friday!

This time, it will be an Irish-oriented session, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  We’ll be zooming at our usual time of 2 PM (PT), on Sunday, March 21st.  A link will be sent to you on Saturday, March the 20th.

Bring your favorite Irish tunes, or even tunes that sound Irish will be great!  Our library actually has quite a few tunes that can be found in both the Scottish and Irish repertoire. See the list below!
Come even if you don’t think you know any Irish tunes- it will be your opportunity to learn some then.

No one will be put on the spot to lead a set, but it will be great if we have some volunteers. If you don’t want to lead a set or tune, then how about suggesting a tune or set you’d like to hear?

Here’s a link to Susan’s website.  The session is free, but we will have a tip jar set up for Susan.

There’s plenty of Irish/Scottish tunes that live in our library! Do some exploring- you’ll probably find more than this list- just go to:
The password is Calum –

  • Humours of Whiskey
  • Leslie’s March
  • Snowy Path
  • Soggy’s
  • Sandy M’Gaff
  • Mrs. McGhee
  • I Won’t Do the Work
  • Kerfuntin Jig
  • Jump at the Sun
  • Arthur Darley’s, aka “The Swedish”
  • Jig Runrig
  • Staten Island Hornpipe
  • Off She Goes
  • Garster’s Jig
  • That’s Right Too (by Liz Carroll)
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Tam Lin
  • The Butterfly

Remember, this is just a place to begin!  Any tune, Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Shetland, is also welcome!!!

Let’s see you in green at this month’s meeting!

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