Camp Casey Tour of Zoom Rooms

Fort Casey was a Navy base constructed in the late 1800’s, as part of the “Triangle of Fire”, along with Fort Worden and Fort Flagler. The trio of forts were placed strategically to defend the entrance to Puget Sound in years to come.

Fort Casey was equipped for defense and used as a training facility up until the mid-1940’s. There fort houses two rare 10-inch “disappearing guns”. At the time they were the height of technology in the early 1900’s, but soon they were deemed obsolete as improvements in warships and the use of airplanes proved them to be not so invisible!

Welcome to Camp Casey, a magical place with rainbows, and brown unicorns!

Always time for a wee dance in between classes.

Camp Casey has spectacular views, especially on a sunny day.


Meet Auditorium A. This is where we gather for classes, and great times!



Auditorium A is filled with fiddles, cellos, guitars, basses, and more.


Auditorium A’s stage and the Calum’s Ceilidh Band.


Auditorium A undergoes transformation for Saturday’s ceilidh.


Classroom B – a little unassuming building that leads a busy life as its home to sessions, classes, ├é┬ásocial hours, and more.


Classroom B’s Friday early bird session is where it all starts.

Tune review class lead by Calum MacKinnon.


Company Quarters A, where a large number of people stay at night, and pretend to sleep.




Staff Quarters B, one of many smaller housing units, where people stay at night and mostly pretend to sleep.


Mess Hall B offers nourishment to feed our bodies, before we feed our souls. Good place to hang out.



The bunker – 10″ guns, and more! Hang out with the big guns!