Covid Policy Statement

COVID POLICY (As of September 14, 2022)

Your health is very important to us.  We, along with Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center, will meet or exceed CDC, Washington State, and Snohomish County Health District guidelines.

Please note that our Covid policy may change as we take into account current scientific guidance, along with recommendations from government agencies as we approach the start of the workshop. We will send notice of changes by email.

Safety for all: Although we have to be indoors (because of the season), the workshop location is very spacious and has a good ventilation system. This will allow workshop participants to spread out and participate while still maintaining social distancing from others. Our protocol meets or exceeds current CDC, WA State Department of Health and local County guidelines and is subject to revision based on changes in those guidelines.

We encourage you to consider limiting, to the extent possible, any exposure to covid in the 10 days prior to the workshop to maximize your chance of being able to attend, and minimize the possibility of becoming ill while at the workshop.

Vaccinations: Proof of vaccination status will no longer be required at the time of registration. We recommend (but no longer require) for your own health that all workshop participants and instructors be vaccinated and boosted to the level recommended for their age by the CDC.

This change in policy has been made because our primary goal is to protect against the spread of Covid within the community of people attending the workshop. While Covid vaccines and boosters protect individuals’ health, it is possible for vaccinated people to still become infected with Covid and to spread it to others. Therefore we will be emphasizing testing and masking which have been shown to be mitigation measures of more critical importance in protecting against community spread.

Testing: will be required at arrival to the workshop, and will be supervised – please bring your own test kit to use at arrival. Testing will also be required for any participant or instructor who develops symptoms likely to indicate COVID infection, and the workshop will provide test kits for that.

We encourage all those traveling from a distance to the workshop to self-test before they get in the car or on the plane, so as not to be surprised by a positive test on arrival at camp (and then be required to leave).

If you develop symptoms of COVID (even mild) or if you come in contact with someone who is COVID positive within 10 days from the start of the workshop, please don’t attend without testing immediately before you leave for the workshop AND at arrival. If you notify us that you’re unable to attend, chances are good we may be able to give you a reasonable refund.

Anyone who tests positive will be required to leave the workshop and unfortunately, will receive a partial refund at best. Minors whose guardian(s) are not allowed to stay at the workshop, and will also need to leave unless a new guardian can be found who is staying at the workshop.

Masking: Good quality N95 or KN95 masking will be required when indoors (and not actively eating or performing as a solo/duo). Please provide your own masks.

Housing at the workshop: Warm Beach has rooms that accommodate just one or two people, and also those that can accommodate larger groups. We ask you to begin contemplating your housing preferences as soon as possible and consider whether there are others attending the workshop with whom you can form a “pod” (safe housing unit). We will ask for any information you have on a “pod” on the initial application and again when the balance of fees is due to enable us to assign housing.

During the workshop: We will not be monitoring for fever or symptoms during the workshop, but if you do develop any, we ask you to consider your community and report to the workshop registrar, and we will ask you to undergo an additional Covid test.

Covid cancellation policy: Requests for refunds of all fees paid due to Covid exposure or Covid-related concerns will be honored, if you wish to cancel before the workshop.

We reserve the right to cancel the workshop in its entirety, due to Covid. In the hopefully unlikely event that we may need to cancel the workshop due to a resurgence in Covid, we will make every effort to refund all monies paid to you.


Warm Beach Covid Practices:

Warm Beach staff: All staff are vaccinated.

Cleaning: There are enhanced cleaning practices in effect for public spaces and restrooms.

Hand sanitizer: will be available outside meeting and dining facilities.

Lodging: Occupancy set at 6 feet between heads when sleeping. If you’re rooming with your immediate family and no one else, there are no restrictions regarding distance between the heads of beds when sleeping.  ** IF you are staying with friends, it is your responsibility to assure that everyone agrees on distancing and masking status.

Dining: Meals served cafeteria style. Mask required until seated and actively eating.