Lodging plans and prices

Below are lodging and meals + workshop fees based upon how many roommates you’ll have, and in which building you would prefer to stay in.   We will do everything we can to get you in a room at the price you want, with the least number of roommates possible for that price, unless you tell us otherwise.  

Got a special request? Those staying at Warm Beach, but not attending the workshop, such as parents, guardians, siblings of a fiddler-  see pricing info at the bottom of this page..   ALSO those choosing to come to the workshop, but not stay on site, we also have pricing for you… just scroll down the page.

Linens: Optional and cost $15/set.  What’s you’ll get depends where you stay :

OLYMPIC LODGE: SOLD OUT! But you can still have a double, or single room in Mt. Baker!!  All linens included.

If you’re in a double occupancy room: 
Set of queen-size sheets and blanket,
2 pillows for queen bed
2 towels
*** If you and your roommate are staying in two separate beds, linens for the second bed can be provided!  PLEASE let us know if you want that second set of bed linens!

If you’re in a triple or more occupancy room:
Set of queen-size sheets and blanket,
2 pillows for queen bed
2 towels
*** all others will need to order linen sets for $15, or bring their own linens.

NEED LINENS? order them when registering!  

When you’re completing your registration, you’ll be asked for a lodging preference. This is to help us place you and your family or friends together. So, have that list of folks ready. You can include them on your registration, OR you can list their names and emails in an area asking for that information- then we’ll be on the lookout for their registrations as well.

Note rates for those participating in the workshop are shown below in all lodging examples. Price also includes workshop, concert ticket, in addition to meals and lodging.  Chaperones, siblings, or other family members that are coming along, but not in the workshop, see rates at the bottom of this page (look for the “*”).  

Most lodging is available in Mt. Baker.
One bathroom per room for up to six people to share.  Adjoining doors between rooms such as the one below give you the option of making two rooms into a giant suite for 12 people- (Mt. Baker only).

Remember you can rent linens if you need to. Do it in advance! (Linens provided for the queen bed.) $15/set of linens

THREE to SIX occupants (including yourself!)  $415 for each adult charges and $340 for each child if in the same room.

TWO occupants (including yourself)
Two adults: $415 + $415
One adult + one child: $440 + $340

OLYMPIC VIEW LODGE RATES:  SOLD OUT! BUT we can place you in Mt. Baker, for a single room, just like Olympic (with private bathroom, and queen-sized bed, linens provided.)  See photo above. 
One adult only: $615

If only they had room service! All linens provided.

These pricing options will be available on the registration form. We will try to accommodate your preferences based on availability of lodging.

* STAYING, but not attending the workshop (lodging and food pricing only):
MUST be staying with at least one workshop participant.

  • Children: $205 in Mt. Baker or Olympic View
  • Adult in Mt. Bakergroup of 3 -6 total people/room: $290
  • Adult in Mt. Baker – 2 people/room: $320
  • Olympic View- Sorry! Not available!!!
  • Mt. Baker Single rooms – you must be a participant to stay in a single room.

** NOT staying on site but you ARE going to the workshop and concert?
For the workshop, day passes all weekend, dinner each evening, and your concert ticket: $220!   IF YOU WANT ADDITIONAL MEALS ON SITE, order them during registration. For youth (school-age): workshop, all weekend day pass, dinner each evening and their concert ticket: $175. Additional meals may be purchased when you register.

NOTE: When you order your additional meals, please indicate WHEN you need them.