Interested in becoming a member of Northwest Scottish Fiddlers? Please join us!

We’re best known for our monthly club meetings (jams, learning tunes, and potluck fun), but we also offer access to over 200 music files (sheet music, audio, and video files). We will have guest instructors at our monthly meetings, especially as long as we’re limited when it comes to the size of our gatherings. Eventually, we’ll have a mix of sessions and workshops so we can continue to keep our Scottish repertoire fresh!  We also are the hosts of the annual Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas Scottish music workshop on Whidbey Island each January-a great opportunity as well!

Membership dues, in the past, were $30 annually for an individual, and $40 annually for families.  As of June 1, membership fees are no longer required to participate.

If you are just joining us for the first time, please fill out our membership form, so that we have your contact information, and we’ll get you on our mailing lists!  Existing members- please fill out the form as well, so we may update our files.

We are a 501.3c organization, and do appreciate donations. Donations to help us fulfill our mission, just click on the donate button. Thank you!!

Once you’re a member, we’ll give you the password to the members-only music page!