Scholarship application- deadline extended!

After you’ve submitted your registration, and $50 deposit, you can apply below for one of our Fiddle Camp scholarships. Scholarships are for use only when attending the Northwest Scottish Fiddlers’ Scottish Weekend Workshop with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, January 12-14.

Scholarships are available for any workshop participant.

NOTE: Application deadline has been extended to November 15th.  Mailed applications must be postmarked by November 15th or earlier, in order to be considered. You will be notified of our decision by December 1st.  Due to extended deadline, applicants absolutely MUST submit their deposit of $50 at the time of registering.


Application for Scholarship-

The Northwest Scottish Fiddlers encourages the spread of traditional music by offsetting a portion of tuition for applicants who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend camp.

Consideration for awards is based on: 1. financial need, 2. demonstrated interest in traditional music and, 3. anticipated travel expenses. People of all ages and levels of ability are welcome to apply.

Please be aware that financial aid recipients are encouraged (though not required) to play a tune or set of tunes for the Saturday ceilidh, or other time of your choosing. You can choose to play solo or in combination with other financial aid recipients, camp members, or instructors. Alternatively, financial aid recipients may volunteer to help with various camp needs. This year, we’re looking for help with decorating for the Saturday ceilidh! We always appreciate help in setting up rooms, and “tearing down, cleaning up, etc. such as the  social hour, sessions.

1) Please fill out this form after you have completed your registration, and paid your $50 registration fee. Complete the form below and submit it by NOVEMBER 15th. All sections, including contact information, must be filled out completely. If you have trouble with the online process, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

2) Please complete the application on your own, and be as thorough as you can, especially for questions 1 – 3 (the form allows for as much text as you need). If you are under 18, we recognize that you may wish help from your family with this form, but please answer questions 1 and 2 yourself.

3) Please ask your teacher, if you have one, to complete and send, the Teacher Recommendation Form  by November 15. You may copy this link and send it directly to the teacher:

Applications submitted after November 15th cannot be considered. For questions regarding the scholarship, please write to Marcia Thumma, workshop director.

Use form below and be sure to click on the SUBMIT button when you’re done!

Scholarship Form

Are you atleast 18 years old?