Stanwood Performing Arts Center

Here’s a sneak preview of where the final concert will be held.

NOTE: if you use the address provided, 7400 272nd St., Stanwood, 98292- SEE THE ENLARGEMENT BELOW! You need to go in a different entrance- NOT the main entrance!

The auditorium- seating capacity 525!

Plenty of room for everyone in this amazing auditorium.

The stage- note the “wings” – they’re on each side of the stage for additional space and performers.


Here’s photo of the area and exactly where the PAC is compared to the high school.  Note that you won’t be going in the main entrance off of 272nd street! The red pointy-thing is showing you the front parking lot.  We don’t need that!

You’ll cross Hwy. 532 at the bottom, or to the south of the building. As you head north on 72nd, be looking for bus stops- they’re right next to the driveway into the area you’ll need to park in.  The DOOR YOU NEED is close to the circle- it’s a turnaround for school buses!.

Above is the musician entrance.  Look for the fire hydrant and the door will be inset a bit. Just go through those doors, and you’ll see a rolling door..  To the left of the door is a door to the back of the stage.  ACROSS from that door is a classroom where we will meet, store our cases, tune up, etc..


How to get to the high school  from Warm Beach Camp- 

How to get there. Easy!