This year’s workshop- it’s all new, it’s different, it’s a COW!

Yes, January 2023 we Can’t(be) on Whidbey.

Yes, it’s absolutely true!  We will be reinventing many aspects of our workshop this year, particularly where lodging, meeting, and concert spaces are concerned.  The general format and schedule that has stood the test of time will see few changes.

Where are we moving?  Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center, just about 5 miles south of Stanwood, WA.  Their Facebook page has a spectacular view of the main lodge, and the left hand wing is the dining area. Here’s their location on Google Maps.

To see what the lodging options are, click here: Olympic View Lodge, Mt. Baker Cabins, Bayview Retreat House, and Warner House will all be possibilities, depending upon your needs.  Hover on any of these, and you’ll see a directional arrow. Click on that for more pictures. You can also click on the layout link of most of these facilities to see how they’re laid out.

Take a look at the Meeting rooms, too. Check out the Program Center, and the Program Center A to see where we’ll be spending our days. Again, there’s great diagrams of the layouts of these two rooms to help you understand how wonderful and spacious they are.

Why are we moving? For one thing, space. Lots and lots of it.  There’ll be no super crowded bathrooms that you share with 20 or more of your closest friends.  There will be plenty of space to spread out  in the main auditorium where we’ll gather for instruction- along with room for cases, room for parents, you name it.  We’ll have another large meeting room for our sessions, and hospitality-type functions, sort of a classroom B, only twice as big.  Don’t even mention dining hall.  You’re going to love the wide open space and the window views.

The facilities are newer, as you can tell from the pictures.  They have air handling systems in the meeting room. Our poor old friend, Auditorium A has doors and windows for an “air handling system”… and that would be mighty chilly in January.

We’ll be getting more information on the website in the upcoming weeks, and intend to have registration open within a month, give or take.

IMPORTANT:  The next email will be about registration, including the when, where, and how… so don’t miss it! If you think you’re on our email list that usually keeps you up to date on Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas workshop news, and you haven’t received any emails yet, please send a note to Marcia Thumma, and include your preferred email address.




  • No cows were harmed in the making of all things “COW”.