Who’s Who, Who’s When, and Who’s How!

 Listed below are links to learn more about special events, very important guests, pros, and volunteers!

Who’s Who-

Jasmin Faulk-Dickerson

Meet Jasmin Faulk-Dickerson – Interviewer, volunteer recruiter, and so much more.

She’ll be interviewing Alasdair and Natalie, as well as our special guest, Raymond Mobley, and hosting a fireside chat Saturday night after the ceilidh.  She’ll also offer up some great things for folks to get involved in!

Check out her fascinating and informative podcasts entitled, “I Want You To Meet”..




Cayley Schmid

Meet Cayley SchmidFiddler from Bellingham, and organizer of many, major events in Bellingham, AND our Saturday night ceilidh. Right – you’re reading this correctly- Cayley organizes our ceilidh!

Cayley is the creative mind behind many years of magical ceilidh themes, and the engineer who recruits a top-notch team to decorate Auditorium A with flair and finesse, to make sure each ceilidh memorable for all.   She’ll also be in charge of the talent show portion of the ceilidh, so be watching for her posts, and notices!




Who’s When –

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas Interview

Maybe we can get them to talk about SYZYGY- what is that all about?

9 AM Saturday

Grab your coffee, grab your tea and join Jasmin Faulk-Dickerson as she asks questions that will keep these two on their toes.  She’ll delve into the serious side of their relationship, as well as explore the background on how this duo begin, maybe a bit of fun duo gossip and what are their favorite quirks about each other,  and, what’s it like to write and record together.   She might even have a game show flavor to some of the interview that resembles the old show “Newlyweds” in which they’ll individually be quizzed about each other, to see just how well they know each other after working together for over 20 years!



Raymond Mobley Interview-Don’t Miss It!!

Raymond Mobley

1 PM Saturday.  

This will be a live interview with Jasmin Faulk-Dickerson.   Raymond is an artist based in Olympia, where he composes, records and produces R &B, hip-hop and jazz music.  As a retired military veteran, and as a black American in a bi-racial marriage, Ray will talk about society’s racial injustices and how he rises above it, and more..

Join them as they cover topics such as Being Black in America (yesterday and today), Martin Luther King and what he means to Raymond, the recent election with Kamala and what she means to the country, and more.  Ray also wants to discuss the awakening of black women in politics (think Stacy Abrams) and how black men need to step it up!!

He recently produced a debut album, “Breathe“, which is a reflection of his life, dedicated to the struggles that his people face still today. In Raymond’s words, ” It’s also a song that identifies the struggle that my fellow soldiers had to face in order to preserve freedom.”

Mairi Britton Gaelic Song class –

Mairi Britton, photo courtesy of Steven Rankin

4 PM Saturday

A talented singer, step dancer and harpist, Màiri is in demand as a tutor for camps and workshops in Scotland, Canada and the US.

Her class on Gaelic Song will use a listen and sing approach. Join Màiri Britton for an interlude of beautiful Gaelic songs from Scotland and Cape Breton. Enjoy a mini recital and learn some simple choruses and a port-à-beul from the lead singer of Fàrsan’. She’ll perform two song and then teach the chorus to a waulking song, and teach a short wee mouth music song!  What fun!!

Learn more about Mairi here.


Sue Truman – Master of the Crankies!

Sue Truman operating one of her crankies.

 During the ceilidh Saturday- starts at 7 PM!

Our fiddler friend from Seattle and now master of the Crankies, will be something to look forward to during the ceilidh, and take us back, ironically to a simpler, non-tech time, which, we’ll be viewing of course on our computers, thanks to technology here, there and everywhere.

See a short interview with Sue during the ceilidh. You’ll also see her wonderful crankies during the Saturday night ceildh. Visit her website for more information on crankies, their history, etc.!

Who’s How-

Meet Charmain Slaven– Our SUPER ZOOMER!

Charmaine Slaven

Charmaine is our Zoom consultant and miracle worker behind the scenes, and, she’ll be there, right up front, if you need her, too!  Charmaine is also a fiddler, but her major gig this summer was being Zoom lord/coordinator for Fiddle Tunes!

Charmaine explains, “Like many musicians during the quarantine, I had to be creative & flexible when the quarantine hit.  When the opportunity arose to assist with creating an online version of Centrum’s Festival of American Fiddle Tunes came up, I quickly got on board.  Through helping with that event, I quickly learned a lot about Zoom and other online platforms.  I had so much fun helping people connect at that festival…”  And that’s how it all began! We’re so lucky!