Workshop Registration


The time-line: Please read below or you might find yourself on a waitlist!

  • August 1 – Registration opens.  We will attempt to confirm your registration within two weeks after receiving it. You should get an automated confirmation upon completing your registration.
  • September 15 – PRIORITY* deadline for submitting registrations
  • October 1 – Deadline for applying for financial aid. NOTE: you must submit a registration before applying for financial aid.
  • November 1 – Notices of acceptances and financial aid sent by email.
  • November 15 – Deposits processed for all registrations accepted
  • December 1 – Final payment due.  Last day to refund complete payments (unless Covid related)
  • To be announced – Registration is closed.

* What’s a PRIORITY registration? In short, If you sign up by the priority deadline, you will be in the lottery, if we need one. It ensures that all people signed up by September 15 will have an equal chance of getting in by holding a lottery.  Those not being selected, will be placed first on the waitlist.  If you sign up after the deadline, you have a higher risk of being put on the waitlist, and further down the list, if we have a full house.


We recommend that you send a check to cover your deposits.  Checks will not be processed until November 15th. Checks should be sent to: Bill Boyd, NWSF treasurer, 7728 21st Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117.

Please include a $50 deposit for everyone that you are registering for. No deposit required for folks 9 and under.

PayPal does not work for deposits only, due to the way our system is set up to pay the entire amount. Please write a check, or send money through Zelle for just $50 (per person on your registration.) Zelle will work, but remember the payment will be processed automatically.

Once we process your deposit of $50 on November 15th, they’re not refundable, unless it’s a Covid issue). Should you wish to cancel before this date, your deposit will be refunded.

You may pay for the entire workshop and lodging as before, at the time you register.

Should you wish to cancel, we will refund the entire amount, minus the deposit,  if you cancel before the deadline of December 1.

Canceling after December 1, you will get a complete refund, minus the deposit, if  and when we can find a replacement for you. Covid, again being the exception.