Zazzle store open-

photographer: @juanluisjimenezfoto

First, meet the artist, and creator of our beautiful logo! Read on, as Colleen introduces herself. “Hi! My name is Colleen Freeman and I grew up playing fiddle and making art in the Pacific Northwest (though I got my B.F.A. from VCU in Richmond, VA). I have attended the Whidbey Island camp for the past 3 years and will miss being with all of you in person this year. Something very magical happens at Camp Casey every January. There is always lots of warmth and laughter as we all gather around the music and each other. And whenever I need a peaceful, grounding moment, the sea is just a short walk away. This is what I attempted to capture in the logo for this year’s online workshop. I hope it brings you happy memories if you’re a veteran, or something to look forward to if you’re new!”

NOW, for the store! It’s online at Zazzle, and of course, it’s name is “Would-be on Whidbey”. This year, our product selection will feature fewer options, but the most popular goodies purchased last year will be available again.

*** And, if you like the design but want something we didn’t make? Chances are you’ll be able to design it using our product as a starting point, and then you create your very own, individualized item right there, on Zazzle.

Here’s the link to NW Scottish Fiddler’s store: Please, use this link to get to insure that maximum proceeds will go to NWSF.

Thank you!!!