Zelle- what it is and how to use it!

Zelle is backed by the biggest banks. When you use Zelle, it’s like using cash, except you don’t have to dig in your wallet for those annoying pennies!

Here’s Zelle’s, “Get Started” page, and it includes an alphabetical list of all banks currently using Zelle. Otherwise, look for the Zelle option on your banking app or online site, under “Send or Receive Money”.

These instructions are for first time users, but might also be handy for a Zelle refresher!

  1. Log in to your personal checking account.
  2. Look for a pull-down tab or service called “Transfer and Payal” or something similar to that.
  3. Look for the Zelle option, and select/click  begin
  4. Select SEND money with Zelle
  5. You will need to add NW Scottish Fiddlers to your list of recipients: Copy and paste in this email: nwscottishfiddlers@aol.com
  6. You’ll see our name listed in your recipients list. Choose our name.
  7. Then you’re ready to go, fill in the amount you wish to pay,

If you are a first time Zelle user, you may also get a request to confirm you’ve set up Zelle. Most likely, after this step you’ll get an email from Zelle that confirms you just added a Zelle recipient (us). That’s more or less the way it will go– with exciting variations bound to happen from one bank to another!