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Calum MacKinnon Visits in November

Calum caught having a good time at Folk Life a few years ago.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your haggis on in November, as Calum MacKinnon, our retired music director, will visit and teach some old tunes that he taught over 10 years ago, when the club first got started.  Plans are to visit a set of tunes in G minor (Ewie with the Crooked Horn, Le Chat Noir, Sir John Lockhart Ross, maybe more!) and perhaps we’ll get some technique tips as well..

The session with Calum will start at 2:00, so please arrive ahead of time to get yourself a good spot, and be ready for some tunes!  After our Calum teaches, we’ll have some time for a session and more great tunes, and of course, a potluck!

See you soon.  Address is 725 Driftwood Lane, Edmonds, 98020

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