10th Scottish Fiddle and Cello Workshop a Success!

Here’s a few pictures, with many more on the way. 114 musicians, including fiddlers, cellists, violists, harpist, bass, vibraphone, guitar, and flute players! Nearly 300 people crowded into the auditorium for the Sunday afternoon concert- we had a standing room only situation on our hands!  We also had an amazing amount of volunteer support- enthusiastic folks volunteered to help with everything, thanks to recruitment efforts by Jasmin Faulk-Dickerson and Annie Barrett!

Dates for the 2019 workshop will be announced soon!

Sunday morning rehearsal. Learning a song, and then assembling the set! We left decorations up for the concert a few hours later.

Alasdair and Natalie trying out some options Sunday morning for “Sae Will We Yet”. Music below!

Our Sunday morning song- several vocalists sang verses with lovely instrumental choruses. The audience participation put it over the top- truly beautiful.

Friday night opening session – led by The Reds- who got their inspiration from this very workshop, 5 years ago.

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