Karen Steven Workshop February 20th!

If you haven’t heard by now, you need to know that Karen Steven, a fantastic instructor from Scotland is returning to do another Zoom workshop with NWSF this month, in a just over a week!  The workshop is open to anyone that gets on our list- club members as well as nonmembers.

The tunes will start at 11:00 AM, Pacific time on Sunday, February 20. Karen was our first instructor of our regular season, in 2020, and she was terrific!  This will be a free workshop, with recordings and sheet music all made available afterwards. There will also be a special deal Karen is offering for the occasion.

If you’d like learn more about Karen, follow this link to her website.  If you want to see her play, here’s a couple videos: Wooden Whale set, and Matty’s Appeal -Strathspey and Reel. At the workshop, she will take time to describe exactly what she does, and how to achieve the ornaments and styling that she uses.

The workshops are free, but we do encourage tipping the instructor, due the limitations on gatherings, and gigs that musicians have been facing for some time. We’ll give you the information on how to tip Karen at the workshop–   But, we should tell you now that Karen has a way for you to get her newly released CD, and not pay postage!

The CD, called “The Stroma Swelkie”, is yours for a $20 donation to Karen and she’ll ship the CD to you free of charge! You’ll hear new tunes she’s written, in addition to her favorite sets she’s previously recorded, 67 tunes in all!

If you haven’t received an email about this workshop, write to m.thumma@mac.com if you’d like to attend!  We’ll make sure you can join us!  See you soon!!




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