Weather Update from Stanwood

Hi everyone!

I arrived in Stanwood a few hours ago– about 5 pm. I can promise you that there’s absolutely no snow whatsoever up here, the streets and sidewalks, and everything are clear. It’s very windy but the wind should die down by about 4 AM this morning.

Then they will have cold weather warnings out, as the temperatures should be dipping into the lower teens at night, possibly breaking records!

Please come prepared for this cold weather, bring extra anything that might keep you warm, whether it be when you’re walking outside or when you’re in your cabin or room at night! Safe travels to you all tomorrow❤️❤️


Folklife 2016 Highlights

May 29, 2016 started out like any other typical day in Seattle. Clouds, drizzle, temps in the 50’s. What’s not to like about that? It’s Folklife weather! We took the stage shortly before noon, and the chilly breeze and drizzle had our attention, but it didn’t hold us back.

Luckily, there was some warmth to be had from the bright overhead lights, and the drizzle vanished. A great crowd showed up and stood for our show, thanks to the wet grass.

We were also happy to present graduating senior, Elise Snoey, with a few tokens of our appreciation for her past involvement with the club. Best wishes Elise!

A truly wonderful time was had by all!

Click on any picture below for a closer look. Photos by Anna Aldrich. Thanks Anna!