Fiddle Club Happenings at Folklife

Northwest Scottish Fiddle club members and friends will be on hand to entertain the crowds at Folklife this year, even if the club itself was not selected to play.
Catch some great playing by these folks: (Please feel free to add more folks and gigs in the comment section below!)
Calum and Friends (Vienna, Christina, Niki and Guinevere)-Monday, 2:50-3:20 – Trad Stage
Bill Boyd: Saturday (with Hale Bill and the Bopps-Scandinavian) Saturday at 12:30 at Cornish
Bill Boyd with Susan Burke: Sunday, at 1:15, at Cornish
Evan and Elise Snoey with Hot Cider: contra dance- Friday 5 p.m., at the Roadhouse
Judy Laub with Ms. Behavin: contra dance –Friday, noon, and also, Judy with the Fab Girls : contra dance -Monday- 11 a.m.
For the complete schedule, go to:

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