Folklife 2017 – Gig Well Done!

What a difference a year can make! It was hard to believe we were on the same stage, and, that just one year ago we sought warmth from the stage lights. We had a great time as we shared some of our favorite sets with an appreciative crowd.  Judith Cummings did a splendid job introducing sets:  “The New Shetland Set”, followed by Vienna with her competition set , “The A-9 Set”, and “Keys to the Cellar/Cam Ye frae France”.

Susan Barkan and Judith Cummings- you deserve special mention because you were there, but you were hiding at the time of this picture!  Too busy playing, no doubt!

Performing on the Mural Amphitheater stage, without coats, jackets or sweaters, for once! Wonderful!

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