May 19th Session at Third Place Books Commons

Come on down to the Commons at Third Place Books, Sunday, May 19th. That’s one week later than usual, as we make time for Mother’s Day on our usual day for gatherings and tunes.

The address is 17171 Bothell Way, #A101, Lake Forest Park, Bothell.

We’ll start at 12:30, but coming early is a great option because of the great food choices offered by the food court vendors in the Commons.  We will play until 2:30.

As the photo above states, we will not play tunes on the stage, but we’ll be close to the stage on the main floor.

All string instruments welcome, as well as other Celtic instruments. Scottish small pipes are encouraged as well, but the management has asked that their louder, bigger cousins, such as border pipes/Highland bagpipes stay home. Thank you for understanding.

Any questions, write to!



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