Workshop Scholarship

Scholarship applications no longer available for 2024! See GUIDELINES for details and scholarship form!

We say goodbye to our dear friend in the Scottish Fiddle community, Donna Varnau. We wish to honor her by updating the name of our scholarship fund.

Donna no doubt, holds the record for hosting the most NWSF meetings, sessions and other events. Her warm and welcoming smile made you feel truly at home on any occasion she hosted. She was incredibly gracious, as well as spirited, witty, full of spunk, and at the same time, so insightful.

Those of us who have had the pleasure to know her throughout the years, will cherish this dear friend, and sorely miss her. Plans at this time include returning to Donna’s home for sessions from time to time, as her husband David enjoyed our tune playing while he worked on his sculpting in his downstairs studio.

She joins rank with Jim Higashi, who also left us entirely too early, in 2013. Jim also supported the club in numerous ways, along with his son, Colin, who played cello with us for several years until leaving for college.