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Hello all you great folks that might have made it to this weekend’s Scottish Fiddle extravaganza on Whidbey Island, with Alasdair Frasier and Natalie Haas! Do you have picture you’d like to share? Maybe even a short video or two? If you post them, send a link to “”. I’ll see what I can do to help you share them! Meanwhile, here’s a video submitted by a wonderful chaperone- it’s the first time we went through the performance set, on Sunday morning…

Here’s a photo that might make you grin…. one of the many outstanding cielidh acts on Saturday night!

Sea Kelp quartet?

Sea Kelp quartet?
Steve Showell on Sea Kelp and his daughter Kendra assists. Alasdair Fraser on Fiddle and Bev Heising on “percussion”

2 thoughts on “Memories to Share

  1. Brilliant!! Correction to above-mentioned band name: “Sea Kelp” quartet should read “Seek Help” quartet. Download our latest CDs from nep-tunes…
    All the best and thanks for a great weekend!!

  2. No, you’re the brilliant one!! Part of the video is available on my FB wall. It’s definitely testament that I didn’t clearly hear the name when you were introduced. It SHOULD be the “Seek Help” Quartet!!! With any luck, there will be some professionals come to you all and offer their services!

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