Social Distancing Workshops Coming Your Way!

Northwest Scottish Fiddlers will be bringing many opportunities for you to connect and learn via multiple venues, now that social distancing has tried to take away our in-person fiddle workshops.

Mark April 11th on your calendar for a unique opportunity brought to you by Nordic Fiddler’s Bloc. There will be three videos available- one by each of the fiddlers: Olav Luksengard Mjelva (Norway), Anders Hall (Sweden), and Kevin Henderson (Shetland).

Each video will contain two tunes, with the instructors focusing on the regional styling of the tune.  NOTE: all lessons will be on fiddle.

On April 11th, if all goes well, they will post the first video, and send out web addresses for those who have signed up and paid for their videos. If the release date is delayed you will be notified.

They will stagger posting the videos so you have time to learn tunes before moving on to the next video.  Each video will be available for 9 days and started on a day that will allow you to have two weekends (plus the weekdays in between) to work on the tunes.

Prices:  1 video:  $20 member/$25 nonmember
2 videos: $30 member/$35 nonmember
3 videos: $40 member/$45 nonmember

To get the videos, email with your name and the videos (names of fiddlers) you’d like to view. If you want to save money and get all three videos, no need to list the fiddlers!

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