Warm Beach Primer

So much has changed since we last took a musical journey at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island.  We dearly loved Camp Casey, but believe with all our heart, that Warm Beach will provide more options for us, in terms of large spaces for us to meet in, better air handling solutions, larger dining areas, and even better housing solutions, should we need to deal with Covid in some fashion.

First, here’s a map of the area.  You’ll see the main lodge, where we’ll be meeting and eating. Next you’ll see Mt. Baker Cabins, Olympic View Lodge, etc., where most of us may stay.  Some folks might be at the Warner House as well, tucked up in the upper right corner.

… paved sidewalks between all buildings, and paved parking areas!

Hang out in the Cedar  lodge and have an espresso from the upstairs loft.

Above, a corner view from Cedar Lodge, and below, the dining hall- stunning views, lots of space, and even a stage…?!?!

No more crowding together to fit everyone at the tables!

Great views of the estuary and Camano Island. Ahhhh!


Program Center Auditorium

The Program Center Auditorium, where we’ll hold classes. Gigantic!.

Program Center B

Where we’ll have some sessions, hospitality hour and even remedial breakouts.

Imagine more, chairs, lots more chairs! And, there’s a piano!



Follow this link for pricing plans and how they apply to where you stay.

Most of us will stay in the Mt. Baker Cabins due to the flexibility they offer, in terms of how many folks stay together.  It’s important to note that each single room that holds up to six people has it’s own bathroom!  There’s seven cabins total, and one with handicap features.  Each cabin contains four rooms that will each hold groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 people.

Remember you can rent linens if you need to. Do it in advance!  Linens are provided for the full size bed!

Mt. Baker’s rooms have the option of making adjoining suites with one other room.

Here’s what they look like from the outside! Pretty sweet!

Notice the paved walkways and parking!?!

Sorry! OLYMPIC VIEW (below) is sold out!  Write to our registrar at knightrd888@gmail.com to get on the waitlist.

Looking for something a bit quieter, or just needing a place for down time at the end of the day?  Olympic View Lodge might be just what you need! Generally, there will only one or two people per room.  Trundle beds for younger folks might come in handy for a smaller family wanting a quieter location.

If only they had room service!

Olympic Lodge for those needing a quieter space.

A bonus meeting room at Olympic View.

*****Sorry! OLYMPIC VIEW is sold out!  Write to Marcia Thumma at m.thumma@mac.com to get on the waitlist.