Workshop with Vienna Scheyer June 28th

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 28th, at 1 pm PST, (4 pm ET) for an hour or more of fun tune learning with our fiddle club friend and expert fiddler, Vienna Scheyer. Vienna joined our club when she was in elementary school, and was an important part of the club throughout high school.

Here’s some links to Vienna playing a few tunes during the quarantine:  her composition, “Pancakes for Dinner”, a 9/8 jig she wrote “The Drum and Monkey“, Hornpipes.

She plans to share one of her fiddle compositions and a favorite of hers from the Glasgow pub scene. She admits it’s difficult to decide what her very favorite tune to share will be!

SHEET music will be available after the workshop for Vienna’s tunes.

There is no charge for this workshop, but a virtual tip jar will be available.

As for the rest of the summer, we’ll have to see what the virus has in mind, and how that works with county health department recommendations.  Normally, we don’t meet during the summer, but you never know what might happen!!

*** If you want to sign up, and you’re not currently on our email list, write to, and we’ll add your name.  A link will be sent to you on Saturday, June 27th that will take you to our Zoom mini workshop!   If you haven’t already installed Zoom, be sure to do so ahead of time.

Be watching for that email!

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