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You’ll see that a lot of things have changed this year, as we’ve updated our registration process.  It’s similar to how things work at Sierra Fiddle Camp and Valley of the Moon. We designed registration to meet contingencies and unknowns.

Priority deadlines are new.  The new priority deadlines will allow us to use a lottery if we need to. This means by October 15th you must submit your application and a minimum of a $50 deposit if you want to be considered for the lottery, if we should need it.

The lottery will involve ONLY applications  and deposits received by the priority deadline. Everyone involved in a lottery will be notified, including those that aren’t are not selected  and they’ll be the first folks put on our waitlist.  If you register after the priority deadline, and we don’t have the lodging available that you requested, you will be placed on a waitlist until a spot comes available, assuming that happens.

  • August 1  Registration opens:
  • October 15th – Priority deadline for submitting applications
  • October  15th – Deadline for applying for financial aid
  • November 1st – Notices of acceptances and financial aid sent by email.
  • November 15th –  Deposits processed.  No refund of deposits after this date
  • December 1st – Final payment due. Last day to refund complete payments- see below.

Pricing Information- 

Per person prices for the weekend, including workshop, lodging, meals, and in some cases, linens:

Wee Highland Laddie (or Lasses) $305 (grades K-12)
Captain Campbell: 395$, (3-6/room ) (NEW! Now also includes 3 people/room!)
Duke of Gordon: 420$, (2/room) (NEW! Available only in Mt. Baker!)

Bonnie Prince Charles: $470 (2/room)
King George the  IV: 590$ (Private room).

More many more details to help you understand pricing here.


Deposits and payments  

Deposits are generally non refundable after November 15.

Please include $50 for every person on your application list that will be 10 years or older, in your deposit payment.

Please note: You may pay for the workshop and lodging entirely. We will refund the entire amount if you cancel before the deadline mentioned above, or if Covid becomes problematic.

Pay your deposit or complete amount due one of three ways.

  • Paypal, full payments only, does not work for deposits! ***If you want pay only the deposit amount, you can only use Zelle, or send us a check. When you want to pay the balance, you may then use PayPal.
  • Zelle – new to Zelle? Here’s more information on how to use Zelle.
  • Check-   Send a check to the workshop treasurer, Bill Boyd 7728 21st Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117. Make checks payable to NW Scottish Fiddlers. All payments should be in US dollars. Here’s a currency converter. (Paypal will do this automatically for you.) BE SURE to write in the comment section the exact name of the name on the registration form. NOTE: Your deposit check must arrive within 7 days of when we receive your registration application.

READY TO REGISTER? Please read all Policies and Important Information sections below, then complete the Registration Form. ***At the very bottom of this page, you’ll  find a blue button/link for the registration form once registration is open.

Registration Form Instructions:

  • Complete all required fields. If you leave out required information you will be unable to submit the form.
  • To go back to a prior page, at any timeuse the “back” button provided on the registration form only! Failure to do so will result in loss of information entered on the registration form! Do not use the browser’s back button.
  • Click on submit just one time. Once you click on submit you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your order and details! Please make sure your order is correct- if you see something that needs changing, contact the registrar via the email provided in your confirmation. The registrar will send you another confirmation of your registration within 10 days or less.
  • When you register, you will receive an automatic confirmation of your registration. You will receive another confirmation with further details within approximately 10 days.

Payment Policy

Payment in full is due on December 1st. No exceptions. If you have a balance due- be sure we have your correct contact information in the registration!  We will send you a reminder by email ONCE, before the deadline NWSF reserves the right to cancel your registration and assign your spot to someone from the wait list if full payment is not received by the due date.

Youth Participants and Attendees Policy:

YOUTH participants: Children 10 – 18 participating in the workshop with their instrument.

Children 9 and under may attend the workshop for free.  Sign them up as YOUTH ATTENDEES. This will take care of lodging and meals.  **They may attend the workshop and participate to the best of their ability. We ask that young participants behave in the same manner as adults, being courteous to those around them, and quiet at all times when the instructors are speaking or playing.

YOUTH attendees (typically younger siblings of older musicians that are participating):  Children from kindergarten through high school, if they’ll be on site and need lodging and meals, and must be signed up as a youth attendee.

Any participant or attendee under the age of 18 requires a chaperon on site at all times. If the chaperon will be unavailable at certain times, he/she needs to arrange a proxy. Send proxy contact information to Rachel Knight at

Registration and Workshop fees are not required for chaperons, unless they’re participating in the workshop.

Chaperons may also need to sign up for:

  • Lodging onsite at the camp
  • Meals at camp
  • Concert ticket

Cancellation Policy:

The registration/deposit fee of $50 is non-refundable after November 15th.  Cancellations made after this date will be refunded the amount you paid, minus the deposit.

After December 1st,  a refund will be given for the amount you paid, less the $50 deposit, only if we have someone on the waitlist to fill your spot. (This could result in a delayed refund as we can not predict the exact time our waitlist will begin.)
Covid cancellations: Requests for refunds due to Covid exposure or Covid-related concerns will be considered.

Questions? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.