Registration and Scholarship Update

Sarah and Erin visit Warm Beach! See their videos below!


Registration update:
The priority deadline is NOW October 15th. We’re seeing a healthy demand for the rooms in Olympic View, and there’s only a few left. If you’re interested in getting a room in the Olympic View Lodge, sign up by the OCTOBER 15th.  Remember you just need to make a deposit of $50. If we run short of lodging in Olympic View, we will hold a lottery for all those wishing to stay there.  You will be notified of the lottery outcome. If you are not selected, it means we’ll do our best to come up with an alternative for you, and you may choose to go on a wait list for Olympic View.

If you don’t sign up by September 15th, and you want a room in Olympic View Lodge, you will most likely be put on a wait list or choose another housing option.

Remember we have scholarships available for all ages!  Register first, then apply for the scholarship,  by September 15th. We promise it will be easy enough to apply!

We have our FAQ page up, with more information on Warm Beach and the workshop itself.

HERE’s the REGISTRATION PAGE and link to form.

Warm Beach Videos!

Erin on the dining hall deck. Also see: Sarah and Erin play in the main lobby.

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