Are You Ready for Another Great Year of Fiddling???

Scottish Fiddling in the Fireside Room

Scottish Fiddling in the Fireside Room

Four days and counting until we get back together and do what we do best: Scottish Fiddling! The new season will start off on September 8th, at the Calvin Presbyterian Church, in Shoreline, in the Fireside room once again.

Youth band meets at 1:00 p.m. Rumor has it Christina and Niki will be there before they leave for college and new adventures! General meeting will kick off at 2:00 as Calum MacKinnon leads the way, with new tunes and new sets!

A potluck will be held at the end of the meeting, so don’t forget to bring something to share, if you’re so inclined! Remember, you can also bring a recording device, even a music stand if need be! See you soon!!!!!

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