Membership renewals available online!

Just a reminder- it is time to renew your membership! We aim to make it easy for you, so there’s several ways to go about this. Perhaps the quickest way, is to look for the pull down tab, at the top of our home page, right under the picture! The tab says, “Join/Renew”. Click on it, and you’re on your way!

You’ll be asked to complete the membership form because it’s important for us to keep contact information updated. You’ll see some funky writing in a box- you have to tell the system what those letters and numbers are for security purposes, then hit “submit”.. You’ll then get your chance to pay, using Paypal, next.

If submitting this kind of information on-line isn’t your cup of tea, you can look for the pdf version of the membership form, and print it! Fill it out, and send it to Donna, our esteemed treasurer (complete information on the form itself!), or bring the completed form and your check to the next meeting!

Thanks for renewing your membership! It helps the club offer scholarships and supports our various club activities throughout the year.

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