September Session – Shoreline Park!

Yes!  Let’s take our music and socializing outside on Sunday, September 19th at the Saltwater Park in Shoreline.  The address is 2021 NW 190th Street, Shoreline.

We will have the facility from 2:30 – 8:00, and welcome fully vaccinated folks! And, if you still wish to wear a mask, that’s okay too. We’ll socially distance the best we can, but it may make it difficult to hear each other.  Bringing a face mask in case we scoot closer together in order to hear, will be a good idea.

We will not be able to use the charcoal grills due to the dry weather we’ve been experiencing.  ***And, as for food, to be on the safe side, bring food, snacks, beverages, etc. only for yourself.***  It’s not the way we normally operate, but, it will be better for all concerned at this time.

SO, let’s play lots and lots of tunes, and do some serious catching up socially, and musically!

Please RSVP in an email to – that way I can contact you if there’s a sudden change of plans and we move to another location, or have to cancel, etc.

Not 100 percent sure the photo below is the area we have reserved, but it should be fairly close to our spot.  Just watch for signs to be sure!

Can’t wait!

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