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Welcome to the Would-be On Whidbey Workshop with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas   (***  Registration for this event is now closed. Thank you for your interest.)



How do I find out about happenings once I’m at the workshop? How do I find stuff?

We’ll make announcements often at the beginning of classes, so don’t be late! We will have a new Zoom feature, “white board”, that will be available for posting announcements, ideas, etc.  We’ll have another white board just for artistic and/or silly endeavors.  

Want to sign up for something??  Session leading signup, co-host sign up, along with sheet music from previous workshops, Camp Casey photos for virtual backgrounds, and other fun stuff.. all live in the Google docs folder. 

Want to sign up for the CEILIDH? It has it very own link!  ceilidh talent show)

TIP: Be sure to sign in to Google before trying to sign up for session leading, co-hosting, or the talent show, then you’ll be able to enter information on the forms. 

Still having trouble? For Ceilidh sign up help, write to Cayley Schmid at For co-host sign up help contact Marcia Thumma at, and, for session lead sign up help, give Erin Esses ( a holler!

Schedule – there’s two versions all on one page!

Who’s Who, Who’s What, Who’s How

Want to take a tour of Camp Casey, and the places we’d normally hangout?  Pictures of the places our breakout rooms are named for, and a history of Camp Casey live here!

Last but not least, If you’re not already involved with our social media, here’s your chance: Jasmine Faulk-Dickerson runs an exciting Instagram page, with 129 followers.  If you’re not into Instagram, we also have a newsworthy Facebook page.  Sign up to join the Facebook page.

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