WOW again! See What We’re Excited About!

Yes! Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas make a return visit, but this time, to a new location.

WOW indeed! Only this time, “We’re On Warm Beach“!

It’s almost time to register, but before you make your decisions, because this is so different from the past workshops in terms of the physical space, the lodging options, and more, we urge you to read below and click on the links so you’re fully informed!


It’s so exciting that registration for our in-person workshop will open up August 1st. We are pleased to offer this in person event because we feel we’ve done everything we can to minimize the spread of Covid, or any other “bug”  by moving to Warm Beach Conference Center.

BIG improvements:

  1. Its larger size will allow us to easily spread out for the classes and social hours. (See link below for pictures of everything!)
  2. Nope! No crowding this time!

  3. The lodging will offer more private restrooms and shower facilities (The number of people that might share a restroom with you will depend upon how many room mates you choose, vs. sharing with up to 20 or more people.)  No hallways in most of our lodging!
  4. The dining room is a spacious area, and we’ll have our own assigned dining times.
  5. You’ll also see much more space for the final concert, on stage, and in the auditorium. The facility is state of the art- and just 2 years old! Check it out!

Please read about our Covid policy.

In case you missed the link above, that loaded with photos of Warm Beach, here it is again- Warm Beach. It’s amazing!

How much will this cost?  There are numerous options and prices. Go to the pricing page for details.

Scholarship information can be found here.