Another Great Workshop!

Fiddlers everywhere!

Fiddlers everywhere!



A fun moment with Alasdair

A fun moment with Alasdair

Saturday night jam on stage

Saturday night jam on stage

Happy Skekling from Alasdair and Natalie!

Happy Skekling from Alasdair and Natalie

Many thanks to our phenomenal instructors, Alasdair Fraser, and Natalie Haas, for a great weekend of learning, and a memorable set of tunes! Many thanks to the planning committee of the board for their dedication and hard work! Survey results from 39 of the 102 participants also showed overwhelming satisfaction with the workshop. We have some new ideas, we know where we can still improve, and, we’ll keep doing what we do best! We are already looking forward to next year!

If you’re having workshop withdrawal, here’s something to cure the blues- great rehearsal videos! First half:  and the second half:

Workshop Registration Deadline Extended!

Happy Holidays! There’s ONE last chance for those of you that didn’t quite get that registration in for the Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas Scottish Fiddle and Cello workshop coming up Jan. 16-18th on Whidbey Island, WA! For details, on the workshop or concert, go to:…/ Enter “HOLIDAY” in the comment section to make sure we process your registration!

Be SURE you’re in the picture this year!


Holiday Cheer December 13th

Plan to be in the Edmonds area on Saturday, December 13th, and take part in a little Christmas celebration with the Beggar Boys! At 3 PM, they will be sharing the holiday spirit at the United Methodist Church (828 Caspers Street).  Tickets are just $10 – $15. For details go to:  Here’s a video clip as well:   See you there!Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 1.18.30 PM

Celtic Fling Cultural Festival!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.32.42 PMOctober 18th, from 9 AM – 5PM, come out and enjoy the celebrations of art, music, and culture of the British Isles. Have lunch at the “Scotty Dog Cafe” or High Tea… all kinds of great opportunities!

Best of all members of our fiddle club, Dale and Judith Cummings, along with their band, Cronan will be performing at 2 PM.

It’s “Dues are Due!” time!

First meeting of the year!

First meeting of the year!

Members get great tips on playing Cape Breton-style from Calum MacKinnon, music director.

Members get great tips on playing Cape Breton-style from Calum MacKinnon, music director.

Just a friendly reminder that it is time to renew your fiddle club membership!

Membership for an individual costs a mere $25, and $35 for a family membership.

You may sign up on line- just look for our “Join/Renew” tab at the top of our homepage – you’ll be able to use Paypal that way. You may also send a check to our treasurer, Donna Varnau, at 725 Driftwood Lane, Edmonds, WA, 98020- but please be sure to indicate exactly whom the membership is for.

Remember, you’ll have access to our music library, and receive a $25 discount when you sign up for our annual Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas workshop in January!

We love to have new folks join us, and we love to see our loyal members keep coming back, year, after year!

Lots of excitement ahead! Hope you’ll join us!!

Workshop Registration now open!

Alasdair and Natalie Camp Casey Concert 2014

We are pleased to announce that registration for the seventh annual Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas workshop is on line! (The workshop will be held at Camp Casey, Coupeville, WA, January 16 – 18th, 2015.)

You will notice a few changes based on the suggestions from last years’ campers, and due to recently completely renovations at Camp Casey! Here’s just a short list of “what’s new”:

  • newly renovated additional housing right next door to Auditorium A,
  • Sunday concert starts an hour earlier (2 p.m.)for commuters (and football fans!),
  • an amplification system for improved communication in Auditorium A,
  • an additional building will be available for extra practice/jam sessions!

Click on the “Register” tab under Workshop to get started! Don’t forget to also renew or join Northwest Scottish Fiddlers to get a discount on registration!
Hope to see you soon!



First Meeting of the Year!

The first NW Scottish Fiddler’s meeting is coming up soon folks!  Get your fiddles out, rosin up that bow, and be sure to get in on all the activities- starting September 14th, at 2:00 p.m., sharp,  if you’re an adult… 1:00 p.m. if you’re a member of the youth band!

We will be holding meetings at the same location as last year, in the Fireside Room, at the Calvin Presbyterian Church-

Most likely, we’ll be treated to a new tune or two from Calum, re-visit an old set or two, and have time for a jam session as well. **Remember to bring something tasty to share for our potluck after the meeting!

See you there soon!!!

Scottish Fiddling in the Fireside Room

Scottish Fiddling in the Fireside Room

Blindfolded Fiddler Predicts Future!

You should trying fiddling blindfolded-- you never know what great revelations may occur!

You should trying fiddling blindfolded– you never know what great revelations may occur!

Well, almost! Now that we have your attention, here are next year’s fiddle club meeting dates. They have been confirmed with the church, so they’re official!
September 14th
October 12-
November 9
December 14

January 11
Feb. 8
March 8
April 12
May 17

Fiddle Club Happenings at Folklife

Northwest Scottish Fiddle club members and friends will be on hand to entertain the crowds at Folklife this year, even if the club itself was not selected to play.
Catch some great playing by these folks: (Please feel free to add more folks and gigs in the comment section below!)
Calum and Friends (Vienna, Christina, Niki and Guinevere)-Monday, 2:50-3:20 – Trad Stage
Bill Boyd: Saturday (with Hale Bill and the Bopps-Scandinavian) Saturday at 12:30 at Cornish
Bill Boyd with Susan Burke: Sunday, at 1:15, at Cornish
Evan and Elise Snoey with Hot Cider: contra dance- Friday 5 p.m., at the Roadhouse
Judy Laub with Ms. Behavin: contra dance –Friday, noon, and also, Judy with the Fab Girls : contra dance -Monday- 11 a.m.
For the complete schedule, go to: